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Physician mortgage program

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Found a house and need a pre-approval letter or ready to move forward with a purchase home loan?

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Need to refinance your home and lower your monthly payment or release some equity?

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Several banks offer the physician mortgage program for doctors, dentists and others in the medical field. Some of the most popular include Bank of America, Suntrust Bank and Fifth Third Bank.

The best bank or lender will be specific for your situation. Some of the variations that may determine what bank or lender you choose will be your profession in the medical field, how much you want to put down, FICO score and where the home is located.

The bank or lender will typically have you complate an online application. After the application is complete and your ratios and FICO score qualify you will be submitted to underwriting. Once submitted to underwriting they will notify you of your approval or denial. If you’re approved your application will move into the final stage and docs will be signed for your purchase or refinance mortgage.

Each bank and lender will have a different FICO score requirement. Most will require you to be above a 700. If you fall below their minimum requrement most loan officers will file an exception to managmenet on your behalf if your other qualifications are strong.

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