BOK Financial Physician Mortgage Loans

Advanced Medical Professionals (AMP) Loan Program

BOK Financial Physician Mortgage Loans
BOK Financial Physician Mortgage Loans
BOK Financial Physician Mortgage Loans

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Many Variations of Medical Professionals Can Obtain Select Financing

Many medical professionals still in training wonder when the right time to purchase a home will be. Still others, choosing to pursue a less traditional medical degree, like clinical nurse anesthetists (CRNA) and those obtaining a doctorate of nursing anesthesia (DNAP), have years of education, including residency and clinical experiences, yet wonder if they qualify for the preferential financing which more traditional physicians can obtain.

There are many different options for physician mortgage lending and several banks extend their special rates to other medical professionals, including:

Even if you don’t practice in the traditional sense of the word, your degree and industry reputation provide you with innumerable benefits, including opportunities to access outstanding rates and conditions for home mortgages. In this series, we introduce some selected lenders who cater to medical professionals of all types and can offer personalized service for those looking to purchase or refinance a home mortgage.

The Lenders

There are multiple players in the mortgage industry who specialize in physician lending. Although they may vary in some of their qualification rules, all are dedicated to offering a premier financing experience to medical professionals. In this series, we investigate some of the top institutions you should consider when searching for the right physician mortgage loan.

Established in 1910 as a regional oil-based bank, BOK Financial’s roots run deep in Oklahoma. Its predecessor, the Exchange National Bank of Tulsa, was responsible for much of the Midwest oil financing for many years, having been known as the “Oil Bank of America” and still stands committed to the energy industry. As its customer base has expanded, so has BOK Financial, encompassing many states in the heartland, and increasing its coverage of financial products in the meantime. The Tulsa-based institution is now a Top 25 U.S.-Based Bank, offers a slate of wealth management services and is one of the nation’s leading municipal bond underwriters.

Check out BOK Financial Mortgage’s Advanced Medical Professionals (AMP) Loan Program details here:

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BOK Financial’s AMP Loan Program:

Minimum Credit Score


Loan Amounts For Residents & Fellows

Maximum loan amount $650,000 for Residents and Fellows
Close 60 days from employment with contract

Loan Amounts For Practicing Physicians

Maximum loan amount $1Million, MD, DO, DDS, DMD
3% for loans up to $650,000
5% for loans up to $850,000
10% for loans up to $1,000,000.00


Primary residence only
Purchase, refinance loans for primary residence only, no cash-out rate term only
Student loan debts deferred from closing to boost debt-to-income. (DTI)
Discounted rates for BOK Financial customers
Fixed, variable rates available
Minimum credit score: 700
No private mortgage insurance (PMI)

BOK Financial offers multiple financial services to its customers, with a large selection of wealth management services, many savings options, and demonstrate their community focus by participating in civic organizations, partnering with nonprofits, and encourage a volunteering spirit in its team members. BOK Financial takes pride in partnering with customers to help them make sound financial decisions. To find out more about BOK Financial visit their website here. Check out our complete list of financial institutions offering physician mortgage loan providers here.

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