Physician Mortgage Calculator

You can calculate the estimated purchase price, interest rate, down payment and term of your mortgage with our calculator.

Using the doctor mortgage calculator

Plug in the information you have, including a few down payment options to find out how much you can afford to pay for a home. Our detailed calculator does more than just tell you your payment based on the loan amount and length of term. The other parts of a mortgage payment can be significant and should not be ignored.
Armed with this information, physicians can make sound financial decisions regarding a home purchase. Determine how much of your income should be spent on your mortgage, factor in your student loans, credit cards, monthly living expenses, and additional expenses you already know you face on a regular basis.

This is just an estimator

Remember, this is simply a calculator, an estimator which gives you a general guide to mortgage payments. Once you feel comfortable with the average monthly cost, its likely time to take the next step in the physician mortgage process: the pre-approval process.

Monthly Mortgage Payments

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